Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Farmer's Distress...

Vast Paddy fields, sugarcane farms, banana plantations… I remember how much I got fascinated by all these, always… a cent percent city dweller, I could feast my eyes for hours on anything green and flourishing... I preferred NH47 to MC road whenever I travel, so I could see more greenery… I used to fight silly for window seats, to get an uninterrupted view of the fields spread up to horizon, bordered by rows of coconut trees or lakes… and I got jealous of people who owned those fields, who could live there, work there, and enjoy the calm, serene, self sufficient life I thought ideal… I even dreamt of owning a house in the midst of a farm, close by a river…
Now I realize how far the truth is… I see the latest statistics of farmers taking their lives, unable to cope with the changes brought about by a churn in socio-economic conditions… the stress on peasantry, imposed by neoliberal policy regime of the country… the tragic developments in India’s agrarian economy…
And when I take a second look at these farms, all I see is not green….


  1. Hi,

    Beautiful pics n nicely written post, some what same farmers here in Pakistan also facing which is off course tragic....

    Hope u r fine.


  2. Nice shots..
    wen ever i see green, i bcm so romantic..
    Green always make our moods rich

  3. That last statement says it all.. Not everything is green out there... Yeh!

  4. banana plantation pic is lovely. i liked the narration also:-)

  5. I have always found refuge in vast spaces like these... it's like entering into a totally different world other than my own. Peace and calm are abundant and silence of the mind is accessible :) I love those pictures...

  6. i hope today will the day for new post!!

  7. Very Good pics....Keep it up!!! Hats off to the Indian farmer who according to me is the greatest risk taker in the whole country. One should try his hand in farming...or any activity connected with understand and appreciate his efforts. It does look green from far. The contentment that one gets during the whole activity cannot be expressed in words. It is beyond the commercial sense!!! We are bonded and feel one with nature, interracting with it on a daily basis as if a friend...I will go on like this...let me stop!!! Thanks again for the lovely pics!

  8. While travelling, I prefer window seats too and if possible, the seat next to driver for a more full view. Greenery, in particular, and nature, in general, is indeed a feast to the eyes.

    A poignant post. I fully understand your sentiments. Keep writing.


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