Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Not easy it was. Leaving my hometown to a place which I had the least idea of... Really missed everything about Trivandrum. Found it too tough to adjust with the extreme hot climate, dry dusty wind and hard water from bore wells.. But had no choice because it was part of my job. And slowly I started adjusting. And before I knew, I loved this place. So much of greeneries, vast paddy fields, tall Palmyra trees, and simple, down to earth people who helped me a lot in the initial days..

Here are some pictures of my travel to Palakkad...

Sunday, April 11, 2010


The sun was set, when I visited the campus one last time. Walked the courtyard and pavements, corridors and staircases, class rooms and conference halls once more, before I bid adieu to the world that moulded me into today’s self, over a span of eight years.. Memories rushed in.. Bringing a smile on my lips and tears in my eyes at the same time.


Knew that I am going to a place where there is no seashore.. And that I am gonna miss those serene dusks at my favourite spots. Paid a last visit to the beach on the previous eve of the day I left home. My footprints on the wet sand... When will I get to walk there again...???


A complete transformation... and transplantation.. from the carefree colorful life of a student, to the responsibilities of job, home-making and motherhood.. From my home-town in south kerala to Palakkad, thats where i work now.. Don't know to what extend I can continue maintaining the pace and frequency of posting, but I will try my best.. because this is a place I love so much, a place where I can be myself..!