Monday, May 28, 2007

"Buddha smiles???"

I watch clouds... sometimes to kill time, sometimes to shake away a bad mood, yet some other time while I day dream... I let myself wander away along with the ever changing, never ending, spectacular, sometimes funny patterns, turning the whole sky into a huge kaleidoscope... This time I saw a big column of thick white clouds in an otherwise clear sky, slowly swirling up into a shape that reminded me of the ‘little boy’ and ‘fat man’…the massive destructions and devastations… The millions of sufferers... the heartbreaking descriptions of the survivors… and with my tributes to them, here I add one picture of the fateful moment in the history…


  1. Its informative, shape our memories...

  2. Well... Thats too good... I wonder how you were able to relate a cloud formation to theLittle Buddha! The posting of the original photograph of the nuclear cloud is a master stroke...a reminder to all of us on extremes where development can take us...

  3. Gawd! U r such a prolific poster!! Okayz.. guess I need to be around atleast a couple of times a day to see if u have posted something new!!


    Not that I mind...

  4. Such beautiful sentiments, very nicely done, along with a great picture.

  5. lovely formation of clouds u have captured:-)


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