Friday, December 7, 2007


Another example of man’s intrusion into the free flow of nature... a Dam, constructed in a beautiful river amidst the hills... the long shot gives the view of the serene valley covered in misty, dreamy bluish green, clouds kissing the hill tops and the line of dam breaking the flow of the river...
And the next two shots are of either sides of the dam.


  1. I liked the first shot very much. It's beautiful!!

  2. Three great shots Shades, but yes it is a shame to have the interuption.

    Yet despite that, the third shot with the rocks, provides yet another beauty of its own. :)

  3. Lovely pics... i loved the first one most:)

    Hope you're well dear.

    Take care

  4. i dont know what r the options we have otherthan Dams... i too hope a day.. where all the natural water flow freely and the leaves and trees come out from their graveyards !! Shots make me guilty

  5. Haunting the first snap verymuch.. and im here back again to write:
    It express an anxiety that any moment the DAMN may brk and spread the water all over the world and kill the last leave on the top of the the mountain..

  6. In these 3, i like first and last. But some how the depth is not that evident. Is it the scanned images?


  7. Dear Sunil,
    they are not scanned images, directly shot ones.
    but you know, photography was banned in that area, so i stealthily took them, using my 'influence' on the guard.. ha ha.
    so didnt get time to adjust focus,exposure etc.
    moreover, mine is a simple basic digicam, so its possibilities are very limited..!

  8. kool snaps n nice briefs alongwith. hats off

  9. shades.... one day nature will certainly take its turn n water will rip thru these deserted rocks.


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