Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tiny Sunshines

When the sky gets cleared after the heavy rains, I see these beautiful crystal beads on the leaves, each one enclosing a little sun within it...


  1. ഇലകളില്‍ ജലകണം ഇറ്റ്‌ വീഴും പോലെ, ഉയിരില്‍ അമൃതം തളിച്ച പോലെ...

  2. mm...
    wow...! thanks..! It was some other lines that came to my mind, but didnt write since i don't have malayalam software in this computer.. "Prakasha laalitha thushara binduvil prapancham prathibhalichu.." from the song "Viswa mahaakshethra sannidhiyil.." by S.Janaki..!

  3. Hi Shades.. While seeing a 'jalakanam' like this, some times it make a day...
    I think, today my day will be so bright and shiny

  4. Great work again..... Shining pearls I would like to call it.... Also looks like those colonies (in my imagination) in some alien planet viewed from above!!! Keep it up!!!

  5. Beautiful pictures here! My favorite is the last one!:-)

  6. just a little rain drops encloses the whole cosmo so it seems ... that is what your words and picture stir up in me.

    no doubt you are a photographer/artist to look at ordinary and see beauty with a piece of sun in them

    thanks for leaving comment with me while I am away

  7. The environmental struggle to survive, ~ little beads of perspiration. :)

  8. ithu kalakki maashe!
    oru kidilam template-inte kuravundayirunnu ivide! athu theernnu kitti!

    this template ROCKZ!


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