Tuesday, July 3, 2007

More Rain Pictures...

these days don't have much to offer... dull mornings, sleepy afternoons, grey, soggy clouds hanging over head all the time...


  1. Well... This is the time probably for one to reinvent oneself...when we got nothing much to do... in the evenings or during free time...watching the rains and the silently flowing rivers and the green environs... One for sure, will be taken to a different level of realisation. You bet!!! Good shot..

  2. Hi sis,

    Same situation here with me these days :(

    Nice pic!

    Take care

  3. Beautiful snap Sades...
    it gives a feeling of my childhood..
    take care

  4. This lovely picture reminds me of the vegetation and scenery of the Konkan/Malabari coastal region!


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