Tuesday, June 12, 2007

From a Long Way Back..

I don’t remember when I last saw these pull carts in action… pushed aside by more powerful, fast modes of transport, these too remain silent in a corner of my childhood memories with a lot of other things..!


  1. Though the cart is rusting, with the green background it has turned out to be a refreshing pic. Though long way back,wonder if our State Electricity board has developed any further beyond those days when the teak woods were used as lamp posts, as seen in the pic! They seem to be intact for use even today while the concrete ones that replaced them are crumbling!! Coming back to the pic it has a rustic touch too!! Keep it up friend!!

  2. A wonderful way to say it, remaining silent in your childhood memory. I don't think I've ever seen any like these. sandy

  3. And I meant to say it is a beautiful photo, love the composition of this.

  4. Nice photo...
    what a structure it is...
    if u go near to this cart, can see te micro engineering
    congratulations for capturing a rare view


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